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Questions and Answers | Cisco 210-255


What information from HTTP logs can be used to find a threat actor?
A. referer
B. IP address
C. user-agent
Correct Answer: B


Which data type is protected under the PCI compliance framework?
A. credit card type
B. primary account number
C. health conditions
D. provision of individual care
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following are examples of Linux boot loaders?
D. Ubuntu BootPro
Correct Answer: C


What define the roadmap for implementing the incident response plan?
A. Incident response plan
B. Incident response policy
C. Incident response procedures
Correct Answer: A


Which regular expression matches andquot;colorandquot; and andquot;colourandquot;?
A. col[0-9]+our
B. colo?ur
C. colou?r
D. ]a-z]{7}
Correct Answer: C


Refer to exhibit. Which option is the logical source device for these events?

A. web server
B. NetFlow collector
C. proxy server
Correct Answer: D


DRAG DROP Refer to the exhibit. 210-255 secops dump.Drag and drop elements from the log onto the correct 5-tuple category on the right. Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


According to NIST what option is unnecessary for containment strategy?
A. The delayed containment
B. Monitoring with methods other than sandboxing
Correct Answer: AB


Which of the following are the three broad categories of cybersecurity investigations?210-255 exam questions pdf.
A. Public, private, and individual investigations
B. Judiciary, private, and individual investigations
C. Public, private, and corporate investigations
D. Government, corporate, and private investigations
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following can be identified by correlating DNS intelligence and other security events? (Choose two.)
A. Communication to CnC servers
B. Configuration issues
C. Malicious domains based on reputation
D. Routing problems
Correct Answer: AC


During which phase of the forensic process are tools and techniques used to extract the relevant information from the
collective data?
A. examination
B. reporting
C. collection
D. investigation
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following is the team that handles the investigation, resolution, and disclosure of security vulnerabilities in vendor products and services?

Correct Answer: D

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Latest 210-255 SECOPS Dumps | Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations

Cisco210-255 dumps210-255 exam questions210-255 pdf210-255 vce

Latest 210-255 SECOPS Exam Overview

This 210-255 exam is the second of the two required certifications exams (the first exam is 210-250 SECFND) to achieve the associate-level CCNA Cyber Ops certification and prepares with 210-255 dumps can help candidates to begin a well-paid career within a Security Operations Center (SOC), working with Cisco Cybersecurity Analysts at the level of expert assistants. The 210-255 SECOPS exam tests a candidate’s base knowledge in 210-255 exam dumps PDF and core skills needed to successfully handle the complex tasks, safety responsibilities of an associate-level Network Security Analyst working in a SOC.

Exam Description

  • Exam Number: 210-255 SECOPS
  • Exam Cost: About one hundred or two hundred dollars.
  • Associated Certifications: CCNA Cyber Ops
  • Time Limit: 90 minutes (50-60 questions)
  • Passing Score: pass-mark being 82.5%
  • Available Languages: English

Related Job Functions

  • Security Technician/Engineer
  • Network Designer: Mainly engaged in planning to achieve computer network infrastructure and other work, usually by network designers, software engineers, IT administrators and other relevant personnel to implement.
  • Network Administrator

210-255 SECOPS exam topics

Network security issues are becoming increasingly prominent, so Cisco 210-255 vce video training covers common problems faced by security analysts while working in a security operations center, including tasks and security responsibilities that require attention. The discussion in this 210-255 secops pdf book focuses on the response and processing of network intrusion events, the analysis and prevention of network attacks, and computer forensics after disaster recovery.

  • 1.0 Endpoint Threat Analysis and Computer Forensics – 15%
    • 1.1 Interpret the output report of a malware analysis tool such as AMPĀ  Threat Grid and Cuckoo Sandbox
    • 1.2 Describe these terms as they are defined in the CVSS 3.0:
    • 1.3 Describe these terms as they are defined in the CVSS 3.0
    • 1.4 Define these items as they pertain to the Microsoft Windows file system
    • 1.5 Define these terms as they pertain to the Linux file system
    • 1.6 Compare and contrast three types of evidence
    • 1.7 Compare and contrast two types of image
    • 1.8 Describe the role of attribution in an investigation
  • 2.0 Network Intrusion Analysis – 22%
  • 3.0 Incident Response – 18%
  • 4.0 Data and Event Analysis – 23%
  • 5.0 Incident Handling – 22%

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  • Forensics
  • Intrusion analysis
  • NetFlow for cybersecurity
  • Incident response and the incident handling process
  • Incident response teams
  • Compliance frameworks
  • Network and host profiling
  • Data and event analysis
  • Intrusion event categories